About us and where our dogs live

Marcus place.png

our country Home

A little about us. We live in East Central Illinois about 2 and a half hours south of Chicago. My parents started raising Bernese back in 2011 and we liked them so much my cousin Marcus and his Wife Anna Mae and I decided to get a few select females as well. We work in a cabinet shop that is located right next to the dogs so it works out we can check on the dogs often. (Ethan) Marcus and Anna Mae's 5 yr old son loves playing with the puppies and the big dogs as well. We really love our dogs and try to give them the best care possible. Our dogs have a large fenced in area approximately an acre with lots of trees to lounge under and get their exercise in. If you would like to know more about us and our dogs feel free to contact me almost anytime.  Ryan Herschberger

This is a view where our beautiful dogs get to live. It has a nice pond and many trees to lounge around under. They are always welcome to go into the big white building if the weather is bad outside. They love it here.